Frequently Asked Questions


When can I come play?
You can come play any time, Tue-Fri 10 AM-7 PM. Saturday and Sunday we have Open Play/Nails guaranteed between 1-3 PM. Extended weekend hours may be available depending on party bookings. Call ahead if you wish to come at a different time.

Do you close during parties?
On weekends we do. However, we guarantee Open Play/ Nails between 1 PM- 3 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. We figure the times that you need us more are during the weekends, that is why we leave a window open so you can enjoy our space.

Do I have to make advance reservations to come in?
You do not require reservations to come Play, however, if you are looking to get your nails done and/or enroll your child in Supervised Play, we strongly recommend to reserve in advance. Use our online system or call us up! Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updated availability.

Do I have to pay for guests under the age of 3?
Our playground is designed for children ages 0-9. Only children that can crawl (generally 9 months +) and older will be charged an admission fee. Adults are free.

Are socks required?
Yes they are. If you forget them, that is ok. We can sell you a pair for just $2.

Can I bring food?
You may bring snacks and consume them in the lounge area. We also have a healthy vending machine in case you are in a pickle. No food is allowed in the play areas.

Do you offer coffee or other amenities for adults?
We have a Nespresso machine and you can either Bring Your Own Pod or buy it from us. We also have a variety of gourmet teas.

What about the nail services?
Our techs are fabulous. Feel free to reserve your service in advance or walk in. We offer everything but full acrylics. Your kids can get their nails done as well.

Do you offer organic nail products?
We offer the Zoya Natural line. A best seller so far!

Do you do group reservations?
Yes we do. We require a deposit and every child attending must either bring a signed liability waiver or have one on file. Call us up for more information.

Do you offer birthday party packages?
We do. Visit our “Party” section of our website to review the options as well as our “Birthday Party” Q&A below.

Do you offer Mommy & Me Classes or any other extra curricular class?
Absolutely. Check the “Classes” section of our website to review available schedules.

What is the best way to reach you to make reservations?
Via email (hello@thepod22.com); our online portal (thepod22.com); IOS or Android app (Mindbody online) or by calling us directly (305.564.4791).

What are your cancellation policies?
They vary depending on the service and the timing of the cancellation. Please review the “Cancellation Policy” section below.

Birthday Parties:


Are parties private?
Yes we do. Plus, all of our private party options offer nail services for your guests.


Are socks required?
Yes they are. If you or your guests forget them, that is ok. We can sell you a pair for just $2.


What is the maximum number of children I can invite to my party?
For private parties our packages include 20 or 25 children. You can add children for an additional fee to a grand total and absolute maximum of 45 children. Please note that the option for 40-45 children carries additional fees and requirements. Call us for options.

Semi Private parties have a maximum of 25 children.

What happens if I don’t have enough kids show up the day of the party to meet the minimum number?
Our parties do not have a minimum number of children but they do have a maximum as a package. Additional kids can be added for a fee unless stated otherwise in party package specifications.

Can I adjust the price of the packages based on the number of kids?
We do not adjust the package prices to accommodate a fewer amount of children. For this option, we recommend starting with the Classic package and purchasing add-ons to achieve the perfect Build Your Own party. Please note that parties cannot exceed 45 children and additional fees and requirements apply for parties exceeding 40 children.

What happens if all the guests don’t meet the age requirement?
Guests that are not 0-9 years old will not be allowed to play in the play structures; however they are still welcome to enjoy the lounge or surrounding areas.

When do I have to let you know the final count?
The headcount for all children and adults must be provided one week prior to the scheduled date of the event, either by email or personally delivered to our facility. No more than 45 children shall be permitted per event. This is not negotiable as it is a fire and safety code. Please be advised that our maximum capacity is 120 people (adults and children combined). No more guests will be allowed in the premises after 120.

Do I have to pay extra for adults?
No, but we do ask you to let us know how many adults are coming in advance so we can manage the space’s capacity. We generally calculate that there will be 1.6 adults per child. However, if you estimate more please let us know. Additional fees may apply.

Can I have an extra POD Crew member to help out?
All events include one POD Crew Member and an assistant, unless expressly indicated in the party package.  Party coordinators, waiters or additional POD Crew Members may be requested at an additional cost.

What’s included in the parties:


Are paper goods included?
Yes. All packages include basic place settings (magenta or turquoise) on the basis of the children attending. Each place setting comprises paper plates, napkins, paper cups, forks and spoons. We also include 1 disposable table cloth.

Can adults use the paper goods?
The place settings included in the packages are intended for the children attending the party. You can purchase more from us either the day of the party or preferably let us know ahead of time.

Can I bring my own food? Can I bring my own cake?
Yes you can or we can also help you! Please be mindful that extra messy food may be subject to a cleaning fee. Do let us know in advance what you are planning on bringing.

What do you do if the guests have special needs- vegetarian, gluten-free, peanut allergy?
If your guests will require any special accommodations, we require notice of this at the time of booking or at least two weeks before the event so that alternate arrangements can be made.


Do you provide invitations?
We provide electronic or printed invitations for the amount of guests + 5. We can also accommodate a branded and personalized electronic invitation.

What does the nail allowance mean?
It means that during the party you and your guests can get nail services, which are included as part of the package.

Do I get a credit if I don’t use the entire allowance?
The allowance is based on our experience as to what can be achieved during the party time. Don’t worry, your guests will love the service and will leverage the benefit.

Can I be charged extra for nail services during the party?
It is a possibility if lots of your guests get upgrades (upgraded polish – Zoya or Essie Couture as well as nail art).


Are the party tables decorated?
We offer a vast range of party decorations -from basic to fully customizable depending on the package purchased.

Can I decorate the room?
Our mission is to make sure that we make the party planning process as easiest for the parent as possible so we prefer to handle to decorations for you. However if you decide to do the decorations on your own, we require our name to be listed on the certificate of insurance for your party production company. Decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the event and any and all marks or tape must be removed by the Host. We only allow wall decorations to be placed on our portable walls.

Can you put my child’s name on the outside marquee?
Of course! We can customize a birthday message for your child’s birthday party to be displayed on the entrance flat screen TV at your request.

Do you have theme parties?
Absolutely! An a la carte menu for optional services such as extra décor is available upon request. Theme events require a 3-week advance reservation.

Time and Timing:

Can I have more time than listed in the party package?
As long as the time slot is available, additional time can be purchased for an additional fee even on the day of the event.

At what time should we arrive for our party?
We allow you as a Host to arrive 30 minutes prior to reservation time to set up. Your guests are supposed to arrive at the official party start time.

What happens if we arrive late? What happens if some members of our party arrive late?
Our parties have strict start times. If guests arrive late, they can still enjoy the party but the times of the reservation still stand.

Can we stay at POD 22 after the party is over to continue enjoying the amenities?
Unfortunately not. Other people may want to enjoy our facility or we may have another party reservation right after yours. However, if you and/or your guests are welcomed to stay extra by paying the appropriate Open Play fee per child as long as space capacity allows it.

What happens if weather conditions are not ideal?
If weather conditions prevent POD 22 from operating as usual, we will be flexible in rescheduling parties.

Options Available:

Can I do a “walk-in” party?
You may as long as the day/time is available and the space’s capacity allows it.

Do you have more economical party options?
We can talk about an “Open Play Party Bash”. Call us for options.

Can I order goodie bags the day of the party?
We do offer customizable party favors in our party packages as either an add-on or included amenity. If you decide to add party favors to your party package, this request must be made at least 3 days prior to your event.

How do you handle tips? Is gratuity included?
Gratuity is not included in the price of our party packages but feel free to tip your Birthday Coordinator if their service rocked!

Payments & Reservations:

What forms of payment do you accept?
Checks, cash or credit are accepted. However, a reservation credit card will be required at the time of reservation for any cancellation fees due.

Do you require a deposit and is it refundable?
All parties require a $250.00 deposit upon reservation, which will be applied toward the final payment. If the party is cancelled before the two-week mark, your deposit will be returned to you.

What if I can’t give you the deposit for a week or two?
No dates are guaranteed until the reservation is made and the reservation deposit has been received.  Online reservations are not guaranteed until a confirmation email is received by the Host, provided that the reservation deposit has been received by POD 22.

What happens if I have to cancel the party?
We understand that things happen! However due to the hard work and dedication that we put into each party, there may be cancellation fees and additional charges. If you cancel 2 Weeks prior to the event, 100% of the deposit will be charged. If you cancel one week prior to event or later, 50% of the party package will be charged. Please note that theme parties may have additional charges.

What happens if I need to change the time of my party?
We will be flexible and try to accommodate your request as long as the new requested time is available. Please note that once a change has been made, we will not accept further cancellations and will charge the full party fee.

Cancellation Policies:

– Within 2 weeks of the scheduled event = 100% of the deposit.
– 1 week prior = 50% of the total event price.
– Theme events will carry additional cancellation fees.